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Welsh Weyr Gaming Group Facebook Page is at: Welsh Weyr Gaming Group

Please join us there for the latest news and recent updates.


Amman Valley Modelling Group is now at the Centre on a Thursday from 6 pm - 9 pm.

Ideal to get those modelling projects built and painted. Upstairs in the Maker Space Room.

More info at: Amman Valley Modelling Group or on their Facebook Page.


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This is the web site of the Welsh Weyr Gaming Group.

The Welsh Weyr Gaming Group plays Table Top Figure Games, Board Games, Collectable Card Games, Role Playing Games and many of our members are Computer & Console Games players too.

We are based in the Amman Valley in South Wales, United Kingdom.


You can see some, but not all, of the games we play by exploring this site, check out the sections by navigating the menu in the top left of this page where each section has a host of pages of it's own. Keep checking for updates in each section as more pages are added and old ones updated.


The Group meets on Sunday from 3pm - 7pm at Glanamman Community Centre for most of our games.

There is a £2 fee per person each week to pay for the room.

We welcome any age but ask for under 18's to be accompanied by an Adult at all times please.


Although we play a large variety of games, most are happy to try new games or systems

so feel free to drop in and chat if a game is not listed here on the web or join our Facebook Group.


The maps below will hopefully help you locate us in South Wales, UK.

Click the images for a larger view, use your browser back button to return here.

Click to view larger image of the area road map.


Click to view larger image of the area road map.


Welsh Weyr personally recommends the following sites:


To play the Figure games you need to assemble and paint them!

Amman Valley Modelling Group for all your Modelling Projects.

Click to go to Amman Valley Modelling Group



Why play the game when you can do the real thing?

B.O.A.R.S. - Brotherhood Of Aman Re-enactment Society.

Click to visit the B.O.A.R.S. Website.



Ideas to make your own game? talk to these local guys who have done just that!

Click to visit Dark Blade Creations



For those in and around Swansea:


The Gamers' Emporium in Swansea - For all your Gaming needs.

Click to visit The Gamers' Emporium


Swansea Wargames Club - Play a variety of games on a regular basis.

Click to visit Swansea Wargames Club



For those of you in Carmarthen:

Towy Valley Tyrants - Play a variety of games on a regular basis.

Click to visit Towy Valley Tyrants



For those of you in or near Cardiff:


Firestorm Games in Cardiff - for all your Gaming needs.

Click to visit Firestorm Games.



For those of you outside Wales:


Spirit Games in Burton on Trent - Board Games, CCG, RPG, Figures.

Click to visit Spirit Games



Tritex Games in Stafford - Wargaming and Collectable Miniatures.

Click to visit Tritex Games



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